Sahaj Kaur Kohli

Washington, D.C.

Advice columnist
Sahaj Kaur Kohli is a therapist and the creator of Brown Girl Therapy. Have a question for Sahaj? Ask it here.
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Ask Sahaj: I need closure after a close friend ghosted me

After a friend ghosted them, how does this letter writer reach out for closure?

January 18, 2024

Ask Sahaj: We both have spouses with Alzheimer’s. Is it too early to date?

They are both married to spouses with Alzheimer’s. Is it too early to tell everyone they’re dating?

January 11, 2024

Ask Sahaj: My sister married a difficult man. How do I support her?

A reader looks for ways to support their sister, who is married to “an argumentative, difficult man.”

January 4, 2024

Ask Sahaj: Sister-in-law excludes me from gatherings and invites my husband’s ex

A reader’s sister-in-law is purposely exclusionary about invitations — and doesn’t hide it.

December 28, 2023

Ask Sahaj: Every time I visit home, I turn into my parents’ therapist

This letter writer’s parents are used to her acting as a therapist for them. How can she stop people-pleasing and put up boundaries?

December 21, 2023

Ask Sahaj: I was ready to leave my husband. Then he got brain cancer.

Her husband let her do all the household chores for 30 years. She’s ready to leave him, but she won’t because he has brain cancer.

December 14, 2023

Ask Sahaj: White boyfriend doesn’t get girlfriend’s need to follow rules

A letter writer’s White boyfriend isn’t understanding of her need to follow the rules as a mixed-race person.

December 7, 2023

Ask Sahaj: I never told my child about their autism diagnosis. Should I now?

Their adult child was diagnosed with autism but this parent never told them. Is it time to have that conversation?

November 30, 2023

Ask Sahaj: Spending time with my family feels ‘performative’ and ‘oppressive’

A reader finds spending time with family to be “performative, oppressive and punitive.”

November 23, 2023

Ask Sahaj: I am filled with anxiety about my son’s college application process

Mom is “fraught with anxiety” about her son’s looming college application process.

November 16, 2023