New EPA rule could save 4,200 lives a year. Industry warns it could cost Biden his reelection.

Business groups say the stricter standard on particulate pollution could hurt manufacturing jobs in states key to President Biden’s reelection chances.

By Maxine JoselowJanuary 19, 2024

Greenland is losing more ice than we thought. Here’s what it means for our oceans.

The Greenland ice sheet lost 20 percent more ice than scientists previously thought, posing potential problems for ocean circulation and sea level rise, a study says.

By Kasha Patel and Chris MooneyJanuary 17, 2024

An unprecedented flu strain is attacking hundreds of animal species. Humans could be next.

An avian flu panzootic — a pandemic among animals — has struck hundreds of bird and mammal species, including elephant seals.

By Dino GrandoniJanuary 15, 2024

Earthlings, take note: The sun will be its most active in two decades

A more active sun is expected to bring brilliant northern lights displays to Earth but also disrupt satellite communications.

By Kasha PatelJanuary 14, 2024

Maryland hails ‘remarkable’ year for young oysters in the Chesapeake Bay

Maryland officials said the state’s annual count measuring reproductive success and potential population growth for oysters is the highest in 40 years.

By Joe HeimJanuary 12, 2024

Why banning the practice of chopping off shark fins is not saving sharks

A new study in the journal Science found the number of sharks killed by fishing is still going up despite government efforts to save the ocean predators

By Dino GrandoniJanuary 11, 2024

Fight brews in Lahaina over where to dump toxic Maui wildfire waste

The Maui County Council could give final approval this week on setting up a “temporary containment site” for ash and debris from the Lahaina wildfire.

By Tom HaysJanuary 11, 2024

We’re in danger of falling off a ‘snow loss cliff.’ Here’s what that means.

New research shows that once snow loss starts, it accelerates rapidly, putting hundreds of millions of people at risk of losing snow crucial for water supply.

By Maggie PenmanJanuary 10, 2024

Yellow school buses are going green with a $1 billion investment

The EPA funding will allow school districts to purchase electric and low-emission buses, but it could be a bumpy transition for some districts

By Maxine Joselow and Anna PhillipsJanuary 8, 2024

Scientists unravel the big mystery of a beached whale

A beached fin whale in San Diego was likely the latest victim of a pod of marauding orcas. But the orcas’ presence is actually a sign of a recovering ecosystem.

By Dino GrandoniDecember 30, 2023

Many on Gulf Coast say time is running out for EPA to act on toxic air

The Biden administration vowed to protect Gulf Coast communities from dangerous pollution. But refineries continue to exceed safe levels.

By Anna Phillips, Amudalat Ajasa and Timothy PukoDecember 29, 2023

Genetic engineering was meant to save chestnut trees. Then there was a mistake.

The mistake would prove to be the latest in a series of concerns, driving the American Chestnut Foundation to pull its support for the effort.

By Dino GrandoniDecember 24, 2023

Learning to sleep like a bear could save your life

Blood clots, bed sores, bone loss — there is a whole host of ailments bears and other hibernating animals appear to avoid. So doctors and veterinarians are probing their deep-sleep ability.

By Dino GrandoniDecember 23, 2023

When to watch the last and longest full moon of the year

The last two Christmastime full moons happened in 2015 and 1977. The next one won’t occur until 2034.

By Kasha PatelDecember 22, 2023

Mark Sagoff, philosopher who saw morality in nature, dies at 82

For Dr. Sagoff, nature’s voice and value were lost in the world of modern economic planning.

By Brian MurphyDecember 19, 2023

The nation’s capital, built on water, struggles to keep from drowning

Washington, D.C., is awash in water. It was built on fill and its natural waterways, long buried, are coming back to life.

By Dana Priest and John MuyskensDecember 19, 2023

Why reindeer eyes shine blue in the winter

Rudolph’s red nose may have gone down in history, but wait until you hear about the reindeer’s powerful vision.

By Allyson ChiuDecember 18, 2023

As Alaska’s climate gets wetter, snowstorms put the homeless in peril

Even those accustomed to enduring Alaskan winters have been tested by a recent onslaught of extreme precipitation — part of a pattern that scientists predict will worsen as the planet warms.

By Joshua PartlowDecember 16, 2023

This is what the Arctic’s record-hot summer looked like

The Arctic continues to become less icy, wetter and greener.

By Scott DanceDecember 12, 2023

Romeo and Juliet, two elderly manatees, get a happy ending

The two elderly manatees were relocated this week from the Miami Seaquarium after public outrage over the conditions there.

By Maggie PenmanDecember 7, 2023