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Breaking News Reporter/Editor

Education: Northeastern University, BA in Journalism

Kelly Kasulis Cho is a breaking news reporter and editor at The Washington Post, based in Seoul. Previously, she spent four years covering North and South Korea as a freelance foreign correspondent, and she has also worked at the New York Times and Bloomberg BNA. Follow her on Twitter: @KasulisK.
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Dozens of deaths linked to winter storms across the United States

At least 27 weather-related deaths were reported in Tennessee alone this month. In Oregon, three people were killed by a fallen electrical wire, but a baby was saved.

January 22, 2024

Could potatoes lose their status as a vegetable? The debate has deep roots.

Potatoes rule U.S. dining tables, mostly in processed forms. Upcoming U.S. dietary guidelines could reclassify them — but the industry has long fought such a change.

January 18, 2024

Israel hits deep in Lebanon; U.S. strikes Yemen again as tensions rise across region

Tensions are mounting across the region, amid Israel’s strikes in Gaza and exchanges with Hezbollah, strikes on ships in the Red Sea by Yemen’s Houthis, a new round of U.S. strikes on Yemen and strikes by Iran in Iraq and Pakistan.

January 16, 2024

Is it safe to hold your baby on a flight? Boeing blowout stokes fears.

Experts say unsecured children could’ve been harmed on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, when a door plug blew off. But if lap sitting isn’t safe, why is it allowed?

January 10, 2024

Boeing CEO pledges to own up to ‘mistake’ after midair incident

Federal investigators are also intensifying scrutiny of the bolts meant to hold in a piece of the plane that blew out of a flight in midair last week.

January 9, 2024

United finds loose bolts on Boeing jets grounded after blowout incident

The finding, part of a preliminary inspection ordered by the FAA, raises questions about possible systemic problems with the Boeing 737 Max 9 jet.

January 9, 2024

Door plug that blew out of Boeing plane is found in Portland backyard

Alaska Airlines sought answers after the Boeing 737-9 Max aircraft’s auto-pressurization fail light came on three times in recent weeks, the NTSB said.

January 8, 2024

After part of a plane’s wall blew out, feds ground some Boeings

The Federal Aviation Administration has called for an inspection of 171 aircraft after part of a Boeing 737-9 Max’s wall blew out on an Alaska Airlines flight.

January 7, 2024

Hezbollah warns of retaliation after killing of senior Hamas leader in Lebanon

Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasrallah warned of “a response and punishment” following the assassination of Saleh Arouri in a suspected Israeli drone strike.

January 4, 2024

South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung stabbed in neck during Busan visit

Lee Jae-myung, who heads South Korea’s liberal Democratic Party, was stabbed in the neck while touring a new airport site. He underwent surgery and is recovering, a spokesman said.

January 2, 2024