Search ends for Navy SEALs lost at sea on mission to seize Iranian arms

After an exhaustive search scouring 21,000 square miles off the coast of Somalia, two Navy SEALs reported missing during the boarding of a ship carrying Iranian weapons to Houthi fighters were declared dead by the Pentagon.

By Alex HortonJanuary 21, 2024

Coronavirus, mpox and rabies: A tale of three viruses

Today, we dissect three recent public health responses to learn about the world’s ability to prevent outbreaks – covid and beyond – in 2024.

By Elana Gordon, Lucy Perkins, Sean Carter and Fenit NirappilJanuary 17, 2024

U.S. forces recovered Iranian warheads in Navy SEAL mission gone awry

The Pentagon suspects the Iranian arms shipment, intercepted off Somalia, was destined for militants in Yemen blamed for attacking ships in the Red Sea.

By Alex HortonJanuary 16, 2024

Navy SEALs missing at sea after ship-boarding mission off Somalia

Two members of the elite Navy SEALs went missing Thursday after attempting to board a ship in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.

By Alex Horton and Ellen NakashimaJanuary 13, 2024

Crew of crashed U.N. helicopter waited an hour for rescue before kidnap

The U.N. helicopter was on its way to evacuate wounded people from the Somali town of Wisil when it crash-landed Wednesday in an area controlled by the al-Shabab militant group.

By Katharine HoureldJanuary 12, 2024

Somalia’s militant Shabab capture downed U.N. helicopter, at least 1 dead

The al-Shabab militant group is blamed for attacking the crew of a U.N. helicopter after it made an emergency landing Wednesday in central Somalia.

By Katharine HoureldJanuary 10, 2024

Ethiopia’s controversial quest for the sea

Ethiopia is famously landlocked. That’s why the ambitious Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has long harbored visions of reaching the sea.

By Ishaan TharoorJanuary 8, 2024

An African gulag so ghastly that inmates risk death to escape

Forty-two former prisoners in Eritrea’s sprawling detention system described horrific conditions and frequent torture.

By Katharine HoureldJanuary 6, 2024

Oscar Pistorius released on parole 11 years after murdering girlfriend

Pistorius was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The Paralympian was released on parole Friday after serving about nine years of his prison sentence.

By Adela Suliman and Lesley WroughtonJanuary 5, 2024

Peter Magubane, photojournalist who peered deep into apartheid, dies at 91

He said he used his camera as a weapon to help bring down White-minority rule in South Africa.

By Brian MurphyJanuary 3, 2024

Mbongeni Ngema, playwright who extolled apartheid resistance, dies at 68

His plays, including “Sarafina!,” were part of the artistic onslaught against White rule in South Africa.

By Brian MurphyJanuary 2, 2024

Asylum seekers faced severe abuse in ICE detention under Trump, suit says

Lawsuits filed against U.S. immigration authorities allege that Cameroonians seeking asylum were restrained under brutal conditions.

By Osei Owusu Amankwaah and Justin Wm. MoyerJanuary 2, 2024

A shoulder shimmy made this African teen a global sensation

Aïcha Bonou N’Donkie went to a concert in her village looking to have fun. Her shoulder shimmy made in famous in Burkina Faso and beyond.

By Rachel Chason and Yacouba LidoJanuary 1, 2024

Understanding the president’s win in Congo’s chaotic elections

Initial results show incumbent President Félix Tshisekedi has won a second five-year term in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By Katharine HoureldDecember 31, 2023

Somalia says U.S. drone strike killed mastermind of attack on Americans

Moalim Ayman led a unit in the militant al-Shabab group responsible for terrorist attacks in Kenya and Somalia, including one that killed three Americans.

By Katharine HoureldDecember 22, 2023

The crises that may get worse in 2024

In the face of a calamitous 2023, one would hope that the new year would bring better news. But, there’s a lot that can go wrong in 2024, and many crises that will worsen.

By Ishaan TharoorDecember 22, 2023

Paramilitary force takes city in heart of Sudan’s breadbasket; 300,000 flee

Wad Madani, south of the capital of Khartoum, had been an area of relative security for the past eight months of fighting and one of the few havens for humanitarian operations.

By Katharine HoureldDecember 19, 2023

U.N. climate talks chart a complex course away from fossil fuels

Days of wrangling at a forum hosted by an oil-pumping petrostate yielded what most analysts have cast as a qualified success.

By Ishaan TharoorDecember 15, 2023

‘Bombing mishap’ by Nigerian military kills 85 civilians

The incident has raised concerns over a worrying history of military and intelligence failures by an army that has received sustained support from the U.S.

By Ope Adetayo and Rachel ChasonDecember 6, 2023

Farmers race to innovate as climate change threatens African food supply

Scientists, government officials and farmers are reviving neglected crops and boosting agricultural productivity to feed people in Africa.

By Katharine HoureldDecember 4, 2023