What to do (and avoid) after you’ve been scammed

If you’re not careful, the hours after a scam can lead to more lost money or stress.

By Heather KellyDecember 31, 2023

Posting kids online is risky. Here’s how to remove their images.

A photo of a child posted online can end up in the hands of strangers, added to massive databases without consent, or altered with AI to bully and blackmail.

By Heather KellyDecember 27, 2023

Google is rolling out new protections for our location data

The company’s Timeline in Google Maps offers a detailed look at where you’ve been. Soon, you’ll have more control over that data.

By Chris VelazcoDecember 14, 2023

Google starts deleting dormant accounts Dec. 1. Here’s how to save yours.

Google is deleting accounts that haven’t been used in two years, from Gmail to Google Drive and more. Here’s how to back it up and avoid panic in the future.

By Heather KellyNovember 29, 2023

Chatbots are so gullible, they’ll take directions from hackers

“Prompt injection” is a major risk to large language models and the chatbots they power. Here’s how the attack works, examples and potential fallout.

By Tatum HunterNovember 2, 2023

Two quick wins to upgrade your digital security

These two tweaks will significantly upgrade your online safety in less than 10 minutes.

By Shira OvideOctober 27, 2023

Police love Google’s surveillance data. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Novel ways of using Google’s search and location data are helping police. But privacy advocates say it’s violating Americans’ constitutional rights.

By Shira OvideOctober 24, 2023

Worried about the 23andMe hack? Here’s what you can do.

A hacker offered to sell information on 23andme’s millions of users, calling out Jewish people specifically. Here’s how to ask the company to delete your data.

By Tatum HunterOctober 13, 2023

Delete your digital history from dozens of companies with this app

Americans finally have some privacy rights. Permission Slip makes telling companies to delete or not sell your data simple. Really.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerOctober 3, 2023

Your Instagrams are training AI. There’s little you can do about it.

The new Meta AI chatbot and image generators are just the latest examples of how Big Tech is taking your conversations, photos or documents to teach their AI.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerSeptember 27, 2023

Carmakers can collect — and sell — too much data about you, watchdog says

Modern cars, equipped with the latest electronic gadgets that can record data automatically, are a “privacy nightmare,” the Mozilla Foundation report said.

By Andrew JeongSeptember 11, 2023

Make sure you download the latest iPhone security update

Apple disclosed -- and closed -- security exploits that could put some high-profile users at risk. Keeping your phone’s software up to date can help.

By Chris VelazcoSeptember 8, 2023

What the E.U.’s sweeping rules for Big Tech mean for your life online

The European Union’s Digital Services Act put additional limits on Big Tech to protect users online. But does it only help people across the pond?

By Chris VelazcoAugust 30, 2023

Are you smarter than a scammer? Play this game.

Scams are everywhere, and scammers are relentless. Think you know how to best avoid falling for a scam? Take our quiz and find out.

By Heather KellyAugust 12, 2023

Clear vs. TSA PreCheck: What’s better for price and privacy?

Here's how ClearPlus and TSA PreCheck stack up for price, privacy and saving time at the airport.

By Tatum HunterJuly 27, 2023

How to tell if a gadget is secure? Look for this new government seal.

Baby monitors, thermostats and smart TVs are security and privacy nightmares. The U.S. Cyber Trust Mark promises to help you ID the good ones — if industry doesn’t water down the standards.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerJuly 19, 2023

Your printing service might read your documents. Here’s what to know.

Some printers and printing services are snooping on your documents. Here's a quick guide to printer privacy for people in a rush.

By Tatum HunterJuly 10, 2023

The dos and don’ts of using home security cameras that see everything

Home security cameras are supposed to keep us safe, but also bring new privacy and security risks into our homes. Here's how to use them safely.

By Heather KellyJune 12, 2023

The truth about WhatsApp’s and Apple’s privacy promises

WhatsApp and Apple are each buying ads to brag that they’re keeping your personal information private. Are they telling you the truth?

By Shira OvideJune 10, 2023

Don’t get hacked on Facebook. Do these 6 things now.

If you think you're safe from hackers and scammers on Facebook, you're wrong. Here's how to protect yourself.

By Heather KellyMay 18, 2023