Is ice-melting salt bad for dogs? How to keep paws safe in snowy weather.

Ice melts may pose a risk to your pup of dry, cracked paws or an upset stomach. But, experts say, it is rare to see more serious complications.

By Lindsey BeverJanuary 19, 2024

Lessons on aging, ‘hungry’ foods and health fads: The week in Well+Being

Learn more about the easy switches you can make to upgrade your daily diet.

By Tara Parker-PopeJanuary 18, 2024

How will you be remembered? Here’s how to adopt a ‘legacy’ mind-set.

Building a legacy — which benefits others and will survive beyond your lifetime — encourages you to think deeper and longer term.

By Katherine KamJanuary 14, 2024

‘Fitness age’ and tips for better sleep: The week in Well+Being

A simple, scientifically valid calculator can help you assess how well your body is aging relative to your chronological age.

By Tara Parker-PopeJanuary 11, 2024

Here’s a better way to make New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions often fail — but not always. There are ways to improve your odds of success, experts say.

By Lindsey BeverDecember 28, 2023

The one holiday gift you forgot: Being good to yourself

While we all enjoy giving presents, I’m encouraging a new holiday tradition: Give the gift of kindness to yourself.

By Tara Parker-PopeDecember 25, 2023

Want a healthier body and mind? Join our 5-Day New Year’s Tuneup.

Join Well+Being in January for a 5-Day New Year’s TuneUp, where we will deliver helpful tips straight to your inbox.

By Tara Parker-PopeDecember 21, 2023

8 mindful practices to celebrate during Hanukkah

Even for those who don’t celebrate, Hanukkah can inspire moments of reflection on health and well-being.

By Tara Parker-PopeDecember 7, 2023

The 2023 Well+Being gift guide: Ideas to help you live better

Want to help someone live well every day? Consider these holiday gift ideas.

By Washington Post staffNovember 23, 2023

Fruit pouches, periods and a home remedy: The week in Well+Being

Also, scientific experts who shape the way we eat might start warning consumers against eating too many ultra-processed foods.

By Tara Parker-PopeNovember 9, 2023

A better way to cook, ‘Mombies’ and flu shots: The week in Well+Being

We’ve got more than 10,000 recipes you can find using our revamped search tool.

By Tara Parker-PopeOctober 26, 2023

Aging well, golf injuries and toilet paper: The week in Well+Being

Peter Attia, physician and longevity expert, shares his views on improving our health span and ways to achieve that goal.

By Tara Parker-PopeOctober 19, 2023

Hope fatigue, a medical mystery and coffee: The week in Well+Being

Psychologist Lesley Alderman outlines eight steps to help ease your anxiety when world events — or even personal ones — are out of your control.

By Tara Parker-PopeOctober 12, 2023

The joy of plant-based eating

Chef Daniel Humm offers advice for those of us who want to focus on plant-based eating.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 28, 2023

The new rules of dating after 50: Less pressure and more picky

The “Golden Bachelor” may learn that the brain reacts to love the same way at any age, but older adults can be more selective when choosing a partner

By Rebecca FishbeinSeptember 28, 2023

More than half of U.S. dog owners are skeptical of canine vaccinations

Veterinarians say people’s reluctance to vaccinate their pets has increased significantly since the pandemic

By Lindsey BeverSeptember 22, 2023

Fat-burning zone, teeth and sepsis: The week in Well+Being

Our comic on the challenges of finding a public bathroom generated more than 1,000 comments.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 21, 2023

Influencers, restrooms and cold-water swimming: The week in Well+Being

The food, beverage and dietary supplement industries are paying dozens of registered dietitians to help sell products and deliver industry-friendly messages.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 14, 2023

Snout vs. memory: Hungry dogs, wolves remember where you hid their food

When wolves and dogs could see where food was hidden, they were better able to find the cache, suggesting that they use visual cues before scent, a new study shows.

By Lindsey BeverSeptember 13, 2023

Happy birthday, Well+Being!

To celebrate Well+Being’s first birthday, we’ve picked some of our best advice for living well every day.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 12, 2023