Do you eat foods that leave you hungry or full? Take our quiz.

If you find yourself snacking, craving foods or feeling hungry a lot of the time, you may be eating the wrong foods.

By Anahad O’ConnorJanuary 17, 2024

Already struggling with Dry January? A ‘damp’ January has benefits too.

A semi-dry ritual dubbed “Damp January” has become an annual event for people who want to cut back on alcohol without giving it up entirely.

By Anahad O’ConnorJanuary 13, 2024

7 brain foods that can help you beat anxiety

Emerging research in nutritional psychiatry suggests that eating certain foods may improve our mental health.

By Kelyn SoongJanuary 9, 2024

Look for these 9 red flags to identify food that is ultra-processed

Ultra-processed foods have been linked with a litany of health problems. Here’s a guide for identifying them.

By Anahad O’ConnorJanuary 2, 2024

7 easy food goals to improve your health without dieting

Simple diet changes, including adding spices and fiber to your meals and choosing quality carbs, can boost your health without starving yourself.

By Anahad O’ConnorDecember 19, 2023

Are some kinds of cookie dough safe to eat?

Use heat-treated flour, which you can do in your microwave, and pasteurized eggs or no eggs to prevent bacterial contamination.

By Lindsey BeverDecember 16, 2023

Need to spend those pre-tax health dollars? Food and exercise may qualify.

Many people don’t know they may be eligible to spend HSA and FSA funds on meal kits, gym memberships, protein powders, supplements, fitness trackers and even saunas.

By Anahad O’Connor and Maureen O'HaganDecember 13, 2023

Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

Plain sparkling water is a better alternative than sports drinks, sodas or fruit punch. But how much you drink can affect dental health.

By Lindsey BeverDecember 1, 2023

Dietary guidelines may soon warn against ultraprocessed foods

The guidelines could change the way Americans view nutrition by focusing on how their food is made and what happens to it before they bring it home.

By Anahad O’ConnorNovember 7, 2023

Why it’s better for your health to stop wasting food

Much of the food we waste is healthy food — fruits, vegetables and proteins that we let spoil. Wasting food increases the odds that you’ll reach for less healthy packaged foods.

By Katie CameroOctober 31, 2023

What’s the best diet for your body? A federal study aims to find out.

Called Nutrition for Precision Health, the $189 million study seeks to uncover how different people metabolize and respond to different foods and meals.

By Anahad O’ConnorOctober 24, 2023

Why I eat smarter now that I’m older

It’s never too late to start eating smart, researchers say. I should know. I eat much better today at 71 than I did in my youth.

By Bob BrodyOctober 17, 2023

Why some people don’t feel the buzz of caffeine

Genetics, smoking and mediations can all influence how our bodies react to caffeinated beverages

By Hannah SeoOctober 10, 2023

Here’s why you should eat your vegetables first

The ‘meal sequencing’ strategy runs counter to the way people often eat and suggests it’s better to reach for the basket of bread or chips at the end of a meal.

By Anahad O’ConnorOctober 3, 2023

Many of today’s unhealthy foods were brought to you by Big Tobacco

A new study suggests that tobacco companies, who were skilled at marketing cigarettes, used similar strategies to hook people on processed foods.

By Anahad O’ConnorSeptember 19, 2023

The food industry pays ‘influencer’ dietitians to shape your eating habits

Registered dietitians are being paid by to post videos that promote diet soda, sugar and supplements on Instagram and TikTok

By Anahad O’Connor, Caitlin Gilbert and Sasha ChavkinSeptember 13, 2023

Fruit and vegetable ‘prescriptions’ may lead to better heart health

“Produce prescriptions” are part of a growing effort in health care to provide food as medicine to potentially prevent chronic health conditions.

By Teddy AmenabarAugust 29, 2023

A mother’s stress may change the makeup of her child’s microbiome

Research linking stress and microbiome health studied the impact of adversity experienced by women, including the effect of stress before a child was conceived.

By Rachel ZimmermanAugust 24, 2023

‘Asian glow’ from alcohol isn’t just a discomfort. It’s a severe warning.

The reaction is caused by a genetic mutation that has been linked to diseases, including cancer, in those who consume moderate to large quantities of alcohol.

By Meeri KimAugust 15, 2023

To raise a healthy eater, avoid these 6 common food mistakes

Good eating habits can affect a child’s health for a lifetime. Studies show that health problems like heart disease and diabetes can begin in early childhood.

By Tara Parker-PopeAugust 8, 2023