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D.C. officials lift boil water advisory, saying tests showed safety

The move came two days after officials warned residents in much of the northern part of D.C. to avoid tap water

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Officials on Sunday morning cleared residents in much of the northern part of D.C. to drink tap water, a move that came two days after the city warned people living in certain neighborhoods of contamination concerns.

D.C. Water, in a statement, said it lifted the advisory after test results confirmed the water “meets all water quality safety standards.” The agency said residents should run cold water taps for 10 minutes before consumption and throw away any food or drinks prepared with water that was not boiled during the advisory.

Officials issued the warning, which they called precautionary, after a loss of water pressure Friday, which can permit potentially harmful pathogens to enter the water distribution system.

Affected areas included a large portion of the Chevy Chase neighborhood, parts of Connecticut Avenue, 16th Street NW, Georgia Avenue NW, Military Road and Missouri Avenue NW. A section of Northeast was also affected, including areas in Truxton Circle, Brightwood and Bloomingdale.